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Successful Legacy Communications

Successful Legacy Communications

Strategic planning and development

Making a legacy ask is one of the most sensitive and delicate tasks a charity might undertake and yet the returns can be substantial. Radcliffe Consulting works with organisations to craft appropriate messaging that communicates the cause and inspires donors to leave a legacy. Typically, we work with charities to draft and refine text for communicating the need for legacies and their potential impact.

legacy direct mail packs, but they are not conventional

brochures and web pages

campaign letters and emails

articles for supporter newsletters and magazines

campaigns for legacies on Social Media

Legacy Toolkits for regional staff and volunteers

Our Legacy Toolkits offer outstanding value for money and can inspire many volunteers, staff and even service users to act as legacy ambassadors.

Our copy writing and the text based communications we help to develop (such as articles, brochures and letters) can engender a real sense of trust and confidence between your charity and its legacy prospects.

We aim to challenge “the norm”, inspire many, and yet upset nobody.

Radcliffe Consulting can also deliver legacy talks and presentations to supporters alongside more formal legacy training for your fundraisers.

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Some of the lovely things our clients have said

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“Richard’s unique training style manages to breathe life into probate statistics, puts flesh on the bones of trends in legacy giving and provides up to the minute advice on the best way in which to encourage your charity’s supporters to remember your organisation in their will. Bringing the supposedly boring …”
- Nichola Sims, Training Manager – Institute of Legacy Management